Project Bexley, United Kingdom

Camden Road

ASUC award 2022

Sector: Buildings

Technical Specifications

Techniques : SFA RA Piling & Piled Raft Underpinning

Ø 300 mm


The Challenge

This detached property was suffering from subsidence throughout the building caused by ground heave and triggered by established mature trees affecting the moisture content of underlying soils. Franki Foundations UK Ltd were asked to provide an internal piled raft underpinning solution to support the entire structure and allow it to be restored to its former integrity.

With very tight access to all areas of the property this meant that any piling solution would need to be completed in such a way that the piling would not restrict the underpinning process.  

As the entire structure would require temporary propping and subsequent RC underpinning the project was completed and poured in two stages to ensure structure stability in the temporary state 


The Franki Solution

Utilising our super kitten piling rig we were able to manoeuvre through the property with minimal disruption and install a series of 300mm diameter piles to support the underpinning scheme.  This Piling rig is specifically designed to fit through standard doorway entrances. 

Once piling is complete works progress to installing our bespoke temporary works design, tailored to suit the loading, existing foundation & construction of the existing property, props are introduced between the sub floor brickwork and foundation, picking up the load of the superstructure. This allowed us to form and construct our piled raft before the stools are subsequently removed and property allowed to settle back onto its new piled base. All of our works are completed internally to the property removing the need for additional external work and excavation.

Additional complexity was added due to the entire structure requiring two phases of works, ensuring stability in the temporary condition and extending the raft beyond the external walls to pickup additional masonry structures. 

Franki Foundations UK Ltd also provided a 10 year insurance backed ASUC guarantee for the underpinning solution on this project.


We were pleased to win the small project of the year award from the Association of Underpinning Contractors for these works!

Managing Director - Franki Foundations UK

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Camden Road

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Bexley, United Kingdom

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2022 - 2022

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