Project Leeds, United Kingdom

Triangle yard

28-storey in Leeds

Sector: Buildings

Technical Specifications

CFA Rock Socket

  • Ø 600 mm
  • 273 nr CFA bearing piles
  • 8 tower crane base piles

The Challenge

Franki Foundations were contracted by our client Keady Construction to design and construct 273nr CFA Bearing piles and 8 tower crane base piles in difficult ground conditions on the Triangle Yard development in Leeds. 

The Solution

The piles were designed to be 600mm up to 15M deep which would be terminated into the underlying mudstone and sandstone bedrock which was to be found 9M below ground level. Dynamic and working load piles tests were carried out to verify the factors of safety used and the depth of the rock socket achieved. 

A newly purchased Soilmec SF65 was used to undertake the piling works following a review of the ground conditions and rig torque outputs to allow the rock socket to be achieved. The works were carried out in 8 weeks and were followed by successful testing of the piles. 

Project details

Project name

Triangle yard


Commercial, Residential, Offices


Continuous flight auger pile (CFA)


Leeds, United Kingdom

Building Period

2023 - 2023

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