Project London, United Kingdom

South Tottenham Station

Extremely restricted access piles

Able Piling's restricted access solution offered the client both programme and cost savings 

Technical Specifications

Pile Type: Grundomat piles

Number of piles: 39no.

Diameter: 150mm

Depth: 8m - 12m

The Challenge

The site had extremely tightly access through recently installed new turnstiles. On top of this, all pile locations were located on steep embankments at the end of each platform. The works were being run on an extremely tight program to achieve the reopening date of the station. 

The Solution

In order to overcome the tight access, Able  proposed a steel cased driven piling solution. This allowed us to simply walk Pneumatic Mole machines  through the turnstiles to carry out the piling. This greatly reduced the amount of enabling works that were required; which consequently, had a huge benefit to both cost and program.

To overcome piling on the embankment, temporary scaffolding was installed as a working platform because of the light weight equipment being used these did not need to be heavily reinforced. To help our client with their tight program we mobilised two rigs and two crews to site to work simultaneously.

Project details

Project name

South Tottenham Station

Area(s) of expertise



Mini steel cased driven piles, Grundomat Piles


London, United Kingdom

Building Period

2016 - 2016

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