Project Ringwood, United Kingdom

Broom Copse Farm

Sector: Buildings

Foundations for a new farmhouse situated in the New Forrest National Park

Technical Specifications

Pile Type: Pre-augered steel cased driven piles & RC beams

Number of piles: 20no.

Diameter: 220mm

Depth: 8m - 9m

The Challenge

The client wanted to build a new house on their farm land. The working area was below the canopy of a couple large Oak trees and the strata consisted of highly shrinkable clay. Therefore, a piled scheme was the preferred route to take. 

In addition to the heave potential, the site was situated within the New Forrest National Park which provided us with strict regulations about being a 'no dig site'.

The client came to Able after being recommended by their building contractor and Able was involved right from pre-construction stage. 

The Solution

The first and most important task for Able was to get a better understanding of the strata of the site. After supplying the client with a borehole, it was evident that the clay had high volume change potential and consequently, heave protection regulations had to be adhered to for the whole foundation. 

The 'no dig' requirement for the site meant that the reinforced concrete ground beams had to be installed above ground, meaning the client had to work alongside Able to increase the level of the landscaping. 

The overhead canopy was highlighted after the initial site visit and dictated what rig and plant were to be used on site. Fortunately, Able's variety of lightweight mini rigs, were utilised to ensure the piling was carried out as efficiently as possible, whilst also adhering to New Forrest Nation Park's restrictions. 

Project details

Project name

Broom Copse Farm

Area(s) of expertise



Mini steel cased driven piles, In situ beams


Ringwood, United Kingdom

Building Period

2019 - 2019

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