Project Bournemouth, United Kingdom

Exeter Road Bournemouth

Double level basement development for a major leisure complex

As part of Bournemouth's multi-million pound redevelopment project, a leisure complex was required to boost the town's appeal. 

Technical Specifications

Pile Type: CFA     

Diameter: 450mm & 600mm & 750mm  

Depth: 20m

The Challenge

the ground conditions predominantly consisted of Made Ground overlying the non-cohesive Bagshot Beds. The requirement is to produce a retaining wall requiring minimal propping for the construction if the basement box. The scheme was additionally challenging due to the varying ground levels surrounding the site and the need to retain an existing gravity retaining wall running along Exeter Road. 

The Solution

Franki Foundations worked closely with the client and the temporary works engineers to design a scheme that required only a single level of temporary propping for the maximum dig height of 11m. The scheme made use of a careful monitoring and dewatering approach to satisfy the local authorities involved on the project. 

A technically challenging aspect of the project is installing full depth 16m cages into the piles in ground conditions which cause the concrete to cure almost instantly upon being pumped into the pile. To counter this effect Franki Foundations liaised with the concrete supplier to develop a bespoke mix which delayed this curing and allowed the installation of a 16m cage for up to 30 minutes after the pile is concreted. 

Project details

Project name

Exeter Road Bournemouth


Sport centre


Continuous flight auger pile (CFA)

Contract type



Bournemouth, United Kingdom

Building Period

2015 - 2015

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