Project London, United Kingdom

Finchley Road Station

Restricted access site surrounded by live Network Rail and London Underground rail tracks

Technical Specifications

Pile Type: Grout injected SFA piles

Number of piles: 6no.

Diameter: 300mm

Depth: 15m

The Challenge

Able Piling were required to install piles within an extremely restricted site, limited to a small island of land that was surrounded on all sides by live Network Rail and London Underground rail tracks. The constraints of such a restricted site meant that piling materials were also unable to be stored close to the working area and in fact had to be stored in a site compound that was some distance away.

The Solution

To overcome the access issue we used our two ton Super Kitten rig.Able lifted the rig into position using a track trolled on a Sunday night when no trains were scheduled. Due to the limited area on site temporary scaffolding was erected around the existing building. This allowed Able operatives to pump grout under the scaffolding and remove the spoil by hand over the scaffolding. 

Due to our vast experience in restricted access sites and logistical management, this allowed our client to deliver the project on time and keep open the existing SER building and live tracks in operation throughout Able's time on site. 

Project details

Project name

Finchley Road Station

Area(s) of expertise



Sectional Flight Auger (SFA) pile


London, United Kingdom

Building Period

2016 - 2016

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