Project Chichester, United Kingdom

Chichester Road

Sector: Buildings

Able Piling in charge of SFA piles and rapid deck in Chichester

Technical details

Sectional Auger Flight (SFA) piles

  • 58 piles
  • Ø 300 mm
  • 12 m deep


Rapid Deck

The Challenge

We were asked by the client to provide a piled solution for a new development consisting of a block of apartments in Chichester Road, Chichester.

Franki Foundations looked at both pile and beam and a piled raft slab solution to offer cost certainty where possible. The client chose to go with the piled raft solution which was our preferred option using our Rapid Deck product and this project was delivered on a design and build basis for the client.

The project was delivered on time and within budget to the client’s satisfaction. Using this particular solution meant that the client could continue with other areas of work outside of the piled raft slab area including drainage and installing new services to assist with his programme of works. 

The Solution

Franki Foundations designed a bespoke engineered solution which involved supplying and installing 58 number 300mm diameter SFA piles using a Klemm 709 piling rig and a raft slab solution.

SFA piles were installed to depths of around 12m. We also included for edge beam thickenings around the external perimeter of the piled raft slab. This method also produced minimal spoil removal apart from pile arisings and reduced level excavation by the client and there would have been additional costs if a pile and beam solution was undertaken.

This project provided the client with a value engineered solution appropriate for the site and soil conditions present.  The project was completed on site within 5 weeks. Using this particular solution also meant that all works were completed from the higher ground level which negated the need for using trench excavation which meant that the project was completed both safely and quickly.

Project details

Project name

Chichester Road

Area(s) of expertise



Sectional Flight Auger (SFA) pile, Rapid Deck

Contract type

Design & Build


Chichester, United Kingdom


Jent Estates Ltd

Building Period

2021 - 2021

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