Project London, United Kingdom

1 Woodlands Close

Cantilever piled raft underpinning

Sector: Buildings

Solution by Able Piling for a detached property suffering of subsidence.

Technical details

SFA restricted access piling

  • Ø 300 mm

Underpinning raft

The Challenge

This detached property was suffering from subsidence to the rear and LH side of the building and Able Piling were asked to provide an external cantilevered piled raft underpinning solution to support the entire structure. 
With very tight access to the side and rear of the property this meant that any piling solution would need to be completed in such a way that the piling would not restrict the underpinning process.  
Also because the entire property was being picked up by the cantilever piled raft underpinning solution the underpinning element would need to be completed in stages and therefore the scheme was split down into 4 stages. 
The existing garage was also picked up by using piled raft underpinning techniques. 
The homeowner remained in occupation for the entire duration of the works.

The Solution

A series of 300mm diameter tension and compression SFA piles were installed using a restricted access super kitten piling rig around the entire external footprint of the existing property and installed a 225mm cantilever underpinning raft was installed in 4 phases and the underpinning process meant that underpinning jacks needed to be installed beneath the external footprint during the removal of the sub structure masonry. 
The existing internal garage was also included using a series of 300mm diameter bearing piles and piled raft underpinning techniques. 
The existing drainage was also rediverted to allow for the installation of the underpinning solution. The complete scheme was delivered in 14 weeks. 
Able Piling also provided a 12 year insurance backed ASUC guarantee for the underpinning solution on this project.

Project details

Project name

1 Woodlands Close

Area(s) of expertise



Sectional Flight Auger (SFA) pile, Piled Cantilever Beam Underpin

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London, United Kingdom

Building Period

2021 - 2021

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