Rapid Deck

Rapid Deck is a piled raft foundation system that will support all forms of construction including brick built, timber frame, steel frame and proprietary modular build systems. Rapid Deck is typically a 200-300mm deep piled raft system; a one stop foundation solution designed to provide a fast and efficient single procured package. 

Construction Sequence

1. Piling - Piling operations commence from an installed blinding layer and are tailored to every project offering a range of different methods inclusive of CFA, Omega, Atlas and driven precast concrete piles. Drainage/service ducts are installed following piling operations and prior to deck construction.

2. Cropping & Preparation - Piles are prepared using industry standard techniques and integrity tested.

3. Deck Construction - Edge shuttering is installed and bolted to installed concrete working surface, reinforcement is fixed within the building footprint using quick and efficient Rapid Deck construction process. 

4. Installation - Concrete is poured and finished to tolerances as little as +/- 10mm, foundation works are completed and construction of the structure can commence after a 7 day curing period. 

Field of application

Domestic housing, apartments and low rise commercial structures

Environmental impact

Rapid Deck reduces the standard excavation and spoil removed off site, significantly reducing wagon movements and reducing contaminated spoil removal. When coupled with our displacement piling techniques this solution can result in almost zero muck removal.

Technical Specifications

Piled raft 200mm to 300mm utilising the CFA, Omega, Atlas and Driven precast piling techniques. Raft can be heave protected when in the zone of influence of trees in susceptible soils.  

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