Value Engineering & Innovation

Challenging convention with innovation

Through our three business units, we have brought together our in-house experts who are capable of providing a solution to any foundation problem.

Value Engineering

Value Engineering begins with our team taking a creative approach to design. Our experts are tasked with reviewing the existing solution to the project and exploring all alternatives.

We aim to satisfy our clients by developing and delivering optimum value and the most cost effective solution whilst maintaining our clients project objectives. 

Innovation & Design

Whether the issue is the type of pile, pile load capacity, accessibility, or the time-frame of plant restrictions, we guarantee to provide a scheme that meets our clients' requirements, even if this necessitates the design and manufacture of bespoke piling equipment. 

Running in parallel with our panel, we are constantly challenging how piling schemes are delivered, through our continually evolving in-house piling fleet, as well as the development of bespoke precast foundations packages.

A dedicated team

Our engineering department is 100% integrated in the company, in order to support the operations. This partnership "engineering department – construction site" allows for offering customized solutions that take the specific framework conditions inherent to the project into account (guarantee of quality, execution time, working area, environmental problems and cost).

Thanks to their expertise and professional knowledge, the Franki Foundations’ engineers offer assistance throughout the entire process, from design to implementation.

How we can assist you

VE is widely associated with cost reduction, but the additional benefits we can offer include:

  • Improvement in project programme
  • Reduction in risks and delays
  • Simplification of procedures
  • Improvement in quality management

    Our approach enables our clients to gain a commercial advantage against their competition, as well as providing both ourselves and our clients with a unique, strong working relationship. 

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